Aman Ittehad (United for Peace) is a citizen platform striving for peace, democracy and justice in Pakistan. It was formed in 2009 in response to the growing public concern over the escalating costs of violent extremism, and the imperative for peace.

Aman Ittehad is connecting thousands of citizens from across Pakistan. Its rapid growth and diverse profile — including activists, journalists, lawyers, business leaders, trade unionists, students, teachers, peasants, and artistes — are an expression of the broad-based public resolve to strive for peace.

In March 2010, on the occasion of the 70th anni versary of the 1940 Lahore Resolution, Aman Ittehad adopted a Peoples Resolution. It represents a citizens’ call for action, and demands a shift in Pakistan from a security state to a welfare state. The Peoples Resolution advocates stronger democracy in Pakistan, provincial autonomy, and a foreign policy based on trade and mutual non-interference. It demands that the state prioritize healthcare, livelihood and education. It calls for equality of all citizens, for justice and for the rule of law. It calls for a social contract defining the roles and responsibilities of citizens and the state.

The message and momentum of Aman Ittehad is inspiring hope in thousands of individuals across Pakistan. A vision that change is possible in Pakistan, and that a life of dignity can be secured for all citizens equally.

Let us make a state that cares for its people.